Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amirah's Grill: Get the Special Set Menu

Hummus & Baba Ganoush dips with Pita and Garlic bread.

Amirah's Grill is a restaurant that sells middle east and western cuisine. They offer a lunch set buffet from 12pm to 4pm which is actually quite worth it. However, on Peaz's advice, I decided to try the Special Set Menu at $25.

The Special Set Menu comes with the following:
1)Choice of chicken or mushroom soup
2)Pita and garlic bread
3)Hummus and Baba Ganoush (dips)
4)Any one main course
5)Any cold or hot drink
6)1 scoop of ice cream, french cream caramel or Egyptian basbousa

I made a fatal mistake of taking the chicken soup (No photos. They are too terrible! It did not occur to me to use flash until the main course). I advise anyone who try this set menu to avoid the soup. There is a lump of jelly coagulating; evidence of flour not mixed well in the soup. Aside from that, there is shredded egg but few bits of chicken. In my opinion, the mushroom soup with its variety of mushroom is a better option.

For the drink, I chose banana shake while peaz took the mango juice. Both are decent. Next up, Hummus and with the pita and garlic bread (for the soup!). This is the first time I have eaten middle eastern cuisine so I wasn't quite prepared for the Hummus (Chickpeas). I didn't really like it and preferred the Baba Ganoush (eggplant) while Peaz liked the Hummus. I suppose it is a matter of personal taste.

Beef tenderloin Kebab
Beef tenderloin Kebab

For my main course, I tried the beef tenderloin kebab. The meat is tender and juicy although there are lumps of fat for some parts. I also chose roasted potatoes over rice. It prove to be a good decision as the potato are yummy.

Norwegian Salmon
Norwegian Salmon

Peaz ordered the Norwegian Salmon, a big meaty chunk which she claims to be delicious (I don't know. I hate salmon) but drier than before. She also finds the mushrooms in this dish to be too salty. Having tasted some of her abandoned mushrooms, I concurred.

French Caramel
French Cream Caramel

Finally we have the dessert where Peaz made the wise choice of picking the ice cream. While I have never eaten the French Cream Caramel, I do not know how it is suppose to taste like but it is too sweet for me.

Amirah's Grill is a good place to try middle eastern cuisine. The set menu is quite worth it and comes up to $27.50 after 10% service charge (no gst). For any photographers: the interior of the restaurant is quite dark and not conducive for photography unless you use flash.

Amirah's Grill is located at 14 Bussorah Street.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ah Chew again

Honeydew Sago with Mango Ice cream

Yet another overdue post. I'm afraid I have plenty from last month and this month. For this post, Ah Chew Dessert takes the spotlight.

The Honeydew Sago costs around $3 (forgive me if it's wrong). It wasn't bad by my friend's standards, but I can't comment since I have yet to try it.

Red Bean on Boiled Egg with Milk
Fresh Milk Steamed Egg with Red Bean.

I ordered the above which have to be the best steamed egg I have eaten. It is very smooth, sweet and has no strong egg aftertaste unlike the egg puddings at Food Anytime. Perhaps this is due to the addition of milk? I made a mistake of ordering it with the red bean. The red bean is too strong. The exquisite taste of the steamed egg is covered up when eaten together. At $3, you might as well go for the original which costs $2.50.

Ah Chew Desserts is located at #01-11 Liang Seah Place

Friday, August 21, 2009

Caramel: arty surrounding

This is a severely overdued post on Caramel, a really nice cafe and salon located at Shaw Towers. I have completely forgotten how much everything cost.

Caramel is one of those small little cafe that you wouldn't mind going over and over again. They primarily sell dessert and drinks though they have a daily lunch set.

Wafu Spaghetti with Mushroom and Seaweed
Wafu Spaghetti with Mushroom and Seaweed

While flavourful, I found the combination of seaweed with the sauce too salty. Portion is also not very big.

Spaghetti with salmon
Creamy Spaghetti with salmon topped with cheese

Rather creamy. Liked it but the salmon were so small!

Double chocolate cupcake and banana with chocolate cupcakes.

I recalled that I preferred the banana with chocolate cupcake over the Double chocolate cupcake. Did not remember any other thing about it.

Vita Plum

Vitaplum is their signature drink. With bits of sour plum and vitagen mixed together, it has an unique taste that everyone should try.

Caramel is closed on sunday and public holidays! I went there once not knowing that it was close. Total waste of a trip. It is located at #01-50/52 Shaw Towers.

Don't order this at Ichiban Sushi

Some chicken thing
Having been to Ichiban Sushi a few times, I decided to order some items that I have never tried before. It was a huge mistake that I will not make again.

Horrible, terrible food
Hotate Cheese Yaki

I have only one word for this dish: Shit. This is the worst scallop with cheese I have ever eaten in my life. I regretted ordering this atrocious Hotate Cheese Yaki which turned my appetite off completely. Now, there was nothing wrong with the scallop or the cheese (which taste reasonably aright with some squeezed lemon juice). Covered up by the cheese, cole slaw actually covered up the bottom half of the dish. One bite of that pathetic store-processed mayonnaise and vegetable and I didn't even feel like eating. Do not order this unless you wish to torture your taste buds.

Crispy Lobster Salad
Crispy Lobster Salad

I also ordered this Crispy Lobster Salad. It was another decision that I regretted deeply. Not only did it took forever for the salad to reach my table (when all they did was actually to lift it from the conveyor belt), I really should have realise that it will be oily. Cold, bland and oily, I did not enjoy the lobster salad. Do not order this unless you do not mind the oiliness.


Fortunately the gyoza was appetizing. It was cripsy and flavourful with sauce and save me from leaving on an empty stomach. Needless to say, I will not be patronising this Ichiban Sushi branch again.

This meal is eaten at Ichiban Sushi, IMM.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

#10 Spiderchild

Spiderman as a child
As a child, spiderman was already swinging around with a camera.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

STGCC 2009 or I am broke after getting my hoots

The board 2

I missed the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention last year. I regretted it so much that I rushed over to STGCC this year after a brief stop at the AMK Methodist Church Fund Raising funfair. This had consequences - my camera battery died sometime after I reached STGCC - and I was unable to take photos of some rather awesome cosplayers. I really should have taken more shots of the Blythe dolls as well. Oh well, this will teach me to bring my spare battery next time.

I met some of my idols that I have been longing to meet for a long time. Mainly Zemotion and Troy Chin (I wished FSc will set up a booth at SGTCC). I acted like a total stalker twit around the both of them.

Ahem. I was there mostly for the comics (will probably post short thoughts and feelings at Preposterous Writing) so don't expect me to start yakking about the figurines.

The particular booth is located at the Artist's Alley - where I spend most of my time at - and they sell some rather cute products. I didn't buy anything from here...

Wanton Doodles
Located at the Artist's Alley, Wanton Doodles sells T-shirts and pins and erm stuff. I didn't really notice since I was too busy ogling at the T-shirt. I eventually bought one for $20. (`・ω・´) They packaged the T-shirt into small boxes which you can see at the background of the photo. I liked the chair Mas Shafreen illustrated on but I do not think it's for sales. (´;ω;`) You can only see the legs of it in this photo.

This booth has some nice stuff as well. But what I liked was the interesting composition pasted on the walls.

Located at Booth C14. They sell copies of artbook, purse along other things. They also give a really sweet promotion plastic fan.

why so serious
Finally we reach the artist who has to be the most in character cosplayer in the entire event. Meet Race (A29), who happens to be dressed in the Joker's (Dark Knight) nurse outfit. He was way better than the other Joker I saw running around the con. Talk about creepy...

Race's work
The guy did some awesome drawings which I did not photographed. In any case, the above photo should show you his quirky works.

Fuck off mama's boy
This got to be best business card I seen in the con. I mean, handing Fuck off!!! to people? Awesome. I was half dead by then so I didn't really look at Sun Wahyu's booth. Totally regretting now.

Other artists that you might be interested in:
Gunawan Lo located at A31. Nice shirt designs.
Munkao at A15.
Roomism at erm I don't know what booth they are at.
I-Ming, Morgan and Chin Yew at the of A27

Some other photos I took...
Domo-kun in various colours.

what is this
I don't know what this is.

One Two Three Four

I surrender
A clone trooper look upon the battle between two kids.

they see me emo, they hatin
they see me emo, they hatin'

I have other photos but this post is too bloated. Aha. And yeah, didn't post my hoots here since half of it are gifts to people. So broke now.

Edit: posted a short review for Shawn Yap's Jack Doe over here and for i see so many butterflies.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

#9 why so creepy

Dolls are creepy to me. But Blythe Dolls are really creepy. Judge for yourself in this series of photos taken at STGCC (Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention). Organised from creepiest to cutest.

why so creepy
I'm in your nightmare haunting you.

Creep you 1
Shall we go somewhere alone?

blythe doll
bring me home...or else

white doll
Just a cute white doll.

Sweet little thing.

#8 Popiah

Incredibly delicious popiah, bought and eaten at Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church Fund Raising Fun Fair.

Friday, August 14, 2009

#7 Central

There is something wrong with this photo but I cannot tell what.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gusttimo Di Roma: 3 flavours

Rice, Caramel and Vanilla Cake @ $5.90

Though expensive, I quite like Gusttimo's gelato. I am a new fan of the caramel gelato. Not only does it complement the vanilla cake flavour well, it tastes fantastic. The vanilla cake isn't too bad either with bits of chocolate sprinkled in it. They are a little too sweet together. If you do not have a sweet tooth, try not to order that. That aside, I shouldn't have paired the rice with caramel and vanilla cake gelato. It's rather strange when eaten together. The rice flavour is quite strong and may not be to everyone's liking.

While I was there, something happened. The lady in front of me asked for two flavours. I laughed. I could not help myself after hearing the disbelieving "pardon?" when the server informed - in a rather resigned tone - the lady that there MUST BE THREE FLAVOURS. There, I highlighted in bold and caps. So don't go ask for 1 flavour and make the poor staffs frustrated when it is the management that is weird.

The compulsory 3 flavours per cup is strange but it is not as irritating as compared to the high chairs in the dining area. Not only is it child unfriendly, it is also extremely easy to drop your bag when you are trying to enjoy your gelato. I was not the only person who dropped a bag when I was there. Another woman beside me dropped her bag onto the floor as well.

$5.90 is quite expensive but I'll probably return to try more flavours.

Gusttimo Di Roma is located at #1-15, ION Orchard.

#6 Contrast

Faded dull photos of families wearing the rich fabric of the hanbok lined up at the edge of the window. Below the window, the old lady waits for her next customer.

Photo taken in Korea. A hanbok can cost from hundreds to a thousand dollars over.

#5 Anti-Mould Campaign

Silica gel
Say no to pesky moulds! From the store that has almost everything, Daiso. I hate moulds so much.

#4 Palette

Wales Palette
What do you do with that many colours?

Monday, August 10, 2009

R Burger: Not worth queuing

R Burger

More and more local artiste seemed to be joining the food industry. R burger is a so-called healthy fastfood originated from Japan and brought to Singapore by Adam Chen.

R burger actually has a nice concept. A healthy burger (with marine collagen!). Here lies the question, is it worth it? I would have to say no.

A burger set comes with salad, a drink and potato wedges. Sounds healthy isn't it? The salad is indeed very healthy but not appetizing. The Potato wedges is just a small step up from french fries; I don't think it has any less oil. Finally, while the R burger has an interesting taste with the Shiso leaves, it isn't what I called exceptional.

I have to admit that the R burger tasted better than the Chicken Ume burger. For some reason, the sweet ume sauce just couldn't match with the chicken patty for me. I really don't find it good.

Perhaps the reason why I did not enjoy the food as much as I should have is because I waited 30 minutes for the food. In additional, the clueless (I think it's her first day at work) cashier gave my burger to another person who ordered a different burger. They did rectified it immediately so I wasn't that pissed off. Just mildly irritated.

My verdict? For $8.80, it isn't worth the money. Especially not if you have to queue for 30 minutes for the burger to be served. Go try the R burger (don't order the combo meal) only if there is a short queue.

Edit: Added more details in.

#3 Do Not Climb into this Exhibit

Do not climb
Who cares on such a hot day!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mr Curry@Central

Hamburger Doria
Hamburger Doria, $12.80

The mixture of baked rice with curry was excellent. It did helped that the hamburger(pork and beef) went well with the dish.

Crab Omu Rice
Crab Omu Rice, $12.80

The crab omelette was bland for me. Thankfully, the curry was flavourful and saved this dish.

I patronised Mr Curry at 2.15pm on a weekday. Hence, I did not face any long queue/waiting time. Service was fast and quick. I advise people to choose a higher level of spiciness. The original level has no 'kick' to it.

Mr Curry is located at The Central, #03-84.

Friday, August 07, 2009

#2 Cloudy Day

White Clouds
Cottons floating in the air.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

#1 Are you taking a photo?

Are you taking a photo?