Friday, August 21, 2009

Caramel: arty surrounding


This is a severely overdued post on Caramel, a really nice cafe and salon located at Shaw Towers. I have completely forgotten how much everything cost.

Caramel is one of those small little cafe that you wouldn't mind going over and over again. They primarily sell dessert and drinks though they have a daily lunch set.

Wafu Spaghetti with Mushroom and Seaweed
Wafu Spaghetti with Mushroom and Seaweed

While flavourful, I found the combination of seaweed with the sauce too salty. Portion is also not very big.

Spaghetti with salmon
Creamy Spaghetti with salmon topped with cheese

Rather creamy. Liked it but the salmon were so small!

Double chocolate cupcake and banana with chocolate cupcakes.

I recalled that I preferred the banana with chocolate cupcake over the Double chocolate cupcake. Did not remember any other thing about it.

Vita Plum

Vitaplum is their signature drink. With bits of sour plum and vitagen mixed together, it has an unique taste that everyone should try.

Caramel is closed on sunday and public holidays! I went there once not knowing that it was close. Total waste of a trip. It is located at #01-50/52 Shaw Towers.


peaz said...

shaw tower is which 1? da 1 in between city hall n bugis or da 1 at orchard?

agony said...

The one at Beach Road, between bugis and suntec/cityhall. You know where Tom's Palette is? Same building.

peaz said...

ehh u know da opening hrs?

noodles said...

They open at 12pm?

Alberta said...

wooo i wanna check this place out! seems really cozyy! :D

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