Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't order this at Ichiban Sushi

Some chicken thing

Having been to Ichiban Sushi a few times, I decided to order some items that I have never tried before. It was a huge mistake that I will not make again.

Horrible, terrible food
Hotate Cheese Yaki

I have only one word for this dish: Shit. This is the worst scallop with cheese I have ever eaten in my life. I regretted ordering this atrocious Hotate Cheese Yaki which turned my appetite off completely. Now, there was nothing wrong with the scallop or the cheese (which taste reasonably aright with some squeezed lemon juice). Covered up by the cheese, cole slaw actually covered up the bottom half of the dish. One bite of that pathetic store-processed mayonnaise and vegetable and I didn't even feel like eating. Do not order this unless you wish to torture your taste buds.

Crispy Lobster Salad
Crispy Lobster Salad

I also ordered this Crispy Lobster Salad. It was another decision that I regretted deeply. Not only did it took forever for the salad to reach my table (when all they did was actually to lift it from the conveyor belt), I really should have realise that it will be oily. Cold, bland and oily, I did not enjoy the lobster salad. Do not order this unless you do not mind the oiliness.


Fortunately the gyoza was appetizing. It was cripsy and flavourful with sauce and save me from leaving on an empty stomach. Needless to say, I will not be patronising this Ichiban Sushi branch again.

This meal is eaten at Ichiban Sushi, IMM.

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