Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gusttimo Di Roma: 3 flavours


Rice, Caramel and Vanilla Cake @ $5.90

Though expensive, I quite like Gusttimo's gelato. I am a new fan of the caramel gelato. Not only does it complement the vanilla cake flavour well, it tastes fantastic. The vanilla cake isn't too bad either with bits of chocolate sprinkled in it. They are a little too sweet together. If you do not have a sweet tooth, try not to order that. That aside, I shouldn't have paired the rice with caramel and vanilla cake gelato. It's rather strange when eaten together. The rice flavour is quite strong and may not be to everyone's liking.

While I was there, something happened. The lady in front of me asked for two flavours. I laughed. I could not help myself after hearing the disbelieving "pardon?" when the server informed - in a rather resigned tone - the lady that there MUST BE THREE FLAVOURS. There, I highlighted in bold and caps. So don't go ask for 1 flavour and make the poor staffs frustrated when it is the management that is weird.

The compulsory 3 flavours per cup is strange but it is not as irritating as compared to the high chairs in the dining area. Not only is it child unfriendly, it is also extremely easy to drop your bag when you are trying to enjoy your gelato. I was not the only person who dropped a bag when I was there. Another woman beside me dropped her bag onto the floor as well.

$5.90 is quite expensive but I'll probably return to try more flavours.

Gusttimo Di Roma is located at #1-15, ION Orchard.

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peaz said...

i will go n try! =D. i like da cone, so cute!

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