Monday, August 10, 2009

R Burger: Not worth queuing

R Burger

More and more local artiste seemed to be joining the food industry. R burger is a so-called healthy fastfood originated from Japan and brought to Singapore by Adam Chen.

R burger actually has a nice concept. A healthy burger (with marine collagen!). Here lies the question, is it worth it? I would have to say no.

A burger set comes with salad, a drink and potato wedges. Sounds healthy isn't it? The salad is indeed very healthy but not appetizing. The Potato wedges is just a small step up from french fries; I don't think it has any less oil. Finally, while the R burger has an interesting taste with the Shiso leaves, it isn't what I called exceptional.

I have to admit that the R burger tasted better than the Chicken Ume burger. For some reason, the sweet ume sauce just couldn't match with the chicken patty for me. I really don't find it good.

Perhaps the reason why I did not enjoy the food as much as I should have is because I waited 30 minutes for the food. In additional, the clueless (I think it's her first day at work) cashier gave my burger to another person who ordered a different burger. They did rectified it immediately so I wasn't that pissed off. Just mildly irritated.

My verdict? For $8.80, it isn't worth the money. Especially not if you have to queue for 30 minutes for the burger to be served. Go try the R burger (don't order the combo meal) only if there is a short queue.

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peaz said...

there wasn't any queue at all when i walked past it da other day. lol.

agony said...

Haiya, I ate this last month when many people went there. So sianz.

prion said...

i tried the chicken tofu burger... i like it quite a bit and have ate there a few times after my first try.
didn't really need to wait for the burger.

agony said...

That's great for you. I went during the peak hour for lunch. That is probably why I waited for so long. If you don't have to wait, this is actually a good alternative to burger king etc.

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