Sunday, August 16, 2009

STGCC 2009 or I am broke after getting my hoots

The board 2


I missed the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention last year. I regretted it so much that I rushed over to STGCC this year after a brief stop at the AMK Methodist Church Fund Raising funfair. This had consequences - my camera battery died sometime after I reached STGCC - and I was unable to take photos of some rather awesome cosplayers. I really should have taken more shots of the Blythe dolls as well. Oh well, this will teach me to bring my spare battery next time.

I met some of my idols that I have been longing to meet for a long time. Mainly Zemotion and Troy Chin (I wished FSc will set up a booth at SGTCC). I acted like a total stalker twit around the both of them.

Ahem. I was there mostly for the comics (will probably post short thoughts and feelings at Preposterous Writing) so don't expect me to start yakking about the figurines.

The particular booth is located at the Artist's Alley - where I spend most of my time at - and they sell some rather cute products. I didn't buy anything from here...

Wanton Doodles
Located at the Artist's Alley, Wanton Doodles sells T-shirts and pins and erm stuff. I didn't really notice since I was too busy ogling at the T-shirt. I eventually bought one for $20. (`・ω・´) They packaged the T-shirt into small boxes which you can see at the background of the photo. I liked the chair Mas Shafreen illustrated on but I do not think it's for sales. (´;ω;`) You can only see the legs of it in this photo.

This booth has some nice stuff as well. But what I liked was the interesting composition pasted on the walls.

Located at Booth C14. They sell copies of artbook, purse along other things. They also give a really sweet promotion plastic fan.

why so serious
Finally we reach the artist who has to be the most in character cosplayer in the entire event. Meet Race (A29), who happens to be dressed in the Joker's (Dark Knight) nurse outfit. He was way better than the other Joker I saw running around the con. Talk about creepy...

Race's work
The guy did some awesome drawings which I did not photographed. In any case, the above photo should show you his quirky works.

Fuck off mama's boy
This got to be best business card I seen in the con. I mean, handing Fuck off!!! to people? Awesome. I was half dead by then so I didn't really look at Sun Wahyu's booth. Totally regretting now.

Other artists that you might be interested in:
Gunawan Lo located at A31. Nice shirt designs.
Munkao at A15.
Roomism at erm I don't know what booth they are at.
I-Ming, Morgan and Chin Yew at the of A27

Some other photos I took...
Domo-kun in various colours.

what is this
I don't know what this is.

One Two Three Four

I surrender
A clone trooper look upon the battle between two kids.

they see me emo, they hatin
they see me emo, they hatin'

I have other photos but this post is too bloated. Aha. And yeah, didn't post my hoots here since half of it are gifts to people. So broke now.

Edit: posted a short review for Shawn Yap's Jack Doe over here and for i see so many butterflies.

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